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[Review] Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack (Virgin Red)

Price: $5.98 (~RM25) 
from (enter C10T190S3 for 10% off)
Verdict: 8/10 
Repurchase: Yes!

I thought this was magic the first time I read it up. It's a smudge-proof lip tint that, after you let it dry on your lips for a few minutes, you peel off the outer layer to leave a clear stain of your desired color on your lip. 

And then, get this, it stays on without smudging anything and everything you love. This lipstick tattoo is resistant to water, sebum, sweat, chocolate, soup, kisses, and a zombie apocaplyse for all I know. The color stays for 12 hours, during which time you can do whatever you want without having to reapply lipstick. Glorious. 


I bought this for $5.98, which is roughly RM25 on I've seen the same thing being sold on 11street for RM25, but shipping adds an additional fee of RM6 for West Malaysia and RM10 for East Malaysia. 

In comparison, bbcosmetic ships for free directly from Korea, so you have the advantage of knowing that you're definitely getting an original product. In addition, you get free samples with your orders. There's a 10% coupon code you can use to save on the order as well. Just enter C10T190S3 upon checkout to get the discount. 

Purchased from:
Samples: Loads! A whole load! 
Delivery Time: 12 - 35 business days. 

First Impression 

Before: My lips before the lip tint. My lips do have a natural red tint to them, but my skin is fairly tanned, so it negates the natural redness.

Application: Getting it on was pretty simple. I applied the product directly on my lips and peeled it off after waiting 5-10 minutes. I was impatient and waited only 5. A lovely redditor testing putting the tint on overnight to see if it would leave a better stain/ have better staying power and found out that it doesn't.

After: Immediately after applying lip tint. It is really incredibly red, which is to be expected since I used the blood-red (virgin-red) option of lip tint. Applicaiton was a little messy and I ended up getting the tint all over my fingers since I clumsily tried to clean off the excess with my finger tips. 

Peeling was both effortless and painless, except for the part where I messed up and had lip tint on the inside of my mouth (where it's a little wet). Don't get any on the inside of your mouth (duh. :( ). The lip tint should come off smoothly and in one piece. 

Protip: Use a lip brush for application and apply lip balm after peeling off a lyer of the lip stain. ^^ It won't even stain your lip balm! So polite I love it. 

Post-Lunch: After lunch, which was approximately 6 hours later. It's still a little red, but most of the vivid color has gone away, which was good, since I felt a little too self-conscious with my lips being so bright red. 

As you can tell, my application was not the best, since you can see that the sides were more stained than the outer lip and the upper lip was darker than the bottom lip. Something to work on, but not too bad! 

Post Dinner: This was taken after dinner, approximately 12 hours later. Compared to my pre-tint picture, my lips was definitely still stained red. That's incredible!0

Now the only problem I had left was on how to get rid of the tint! I couldn't get it off with my normal oil cleanser, but I did apply lip balm on my lips prior to sleeping and the stain was gone the next day. 


The application was a little messy but I reckon it's one of those things you'd learn how to do perfectly after the first few times. ^^

Frankly, I'm blown away by how well this worked! I've never liked how lipstick stains everything I touch with my lips and how I'd have to reapply makeup after meals so this is the perfect solution for it. It says it's moisturizing, but I felt like my lip was drier the whole time I had it on. Luckily, I could just smear on my lip balm without worrying about that staining. Oh, I do love it.

Pros & Cons


  • No staining on anything past application!
  • Staying power is incredible
  • Water-, food-, & generally life-proof
  • Possible to layer other colors over the tint and apply lip balm
  • Doesn't smell like anything and doesn't leave a sticky residue. You'd barely notice it's there. 
  • 9 colors to choose from 


  • Takes 5 minutes to dry (seriously, this isn't even a complain as much as it is a PSA) 
  • Hard to remove at the end of the day (but if you apply in the morning, you needn't worry about that)
  • Touchups are hard and you need to apply it right the first time
  • A little drying on your lip (just apply lip balm) 
  • Once it's on, you're stuck with the color, so do test out the color before any important events!

10% Off Coupon Code at BB Cosmetic: C10T190S3

Price: $5.98 (~RM25) 
from (enter C10T190S3 for 10% off)
Verdict: 8/10 
(minus 2 points for being drying and impossibility to be removed)
Repurchase: Yes!

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  1. thanks for the review! i'm about to buy oe on that page too :D greetings from Peru